5 Reasons Why Your Student Should Take the Optional SAT Test

5 Reasons Why Your Student Should Take the Optional SAT Test

In the midst of the global pandemic that has caused chaos in college admissions, hundreds of colleges and universities changed their admission policy from SAT Test-Required to SAT Test-Optional. For all 2021 Admission, over 1600 schools now have an SAT Test-Optional policy. While students do not have to take the SAT, there has never been a better time to take the SAT.

Why Student Should Take the Optional SAT Test?

Reason #1: The SAT Test-Optional policy gives students a Risk-Free Opportunity to take the SAT. When students take the test and do well, they include the score in their application to any of the SAT test optional colleges. If they do not do well, they exclude the SAT score because it is not a requirement for admission.
Reason #2: Nothing reduces a student’s SAT test anxiety more than knowing they have control over the release of their SAT scores. If they do not give the College Board permission to release a score to a school, the College Board cannot send it. As a result, students prepare for the test under less pressure and take the test without fear of a low score being sent to a school.

Reason #3: When students do well on the test and have their SAT score sent to test optional colleges, the score strengthens their application. It distinguishes them from applicants who apply without an SAT score, and provides an additional indicator of academic readiness for college.

Reason #4: With many top-tier schools now included in the SAT Test-Optional List, a good SAT score may put a Dream School within reach. Click here to view the SAT Test-Optional List of Colleges and Universities.

Reason #5: When students apply without an SAT score, they have to expect requirements such as GPA to receive more attention which may or may not be beneficial. Parent Alert from Dr. Jay, Author of “SAT 2-Second Shortcuts.” Visit the author’s website for a FREE Shortcut Demonstration and FREE set of practice questions.

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